Welcome to the San Diego Region of the Cadillac LaSalle Club. Our region first began in the early 1970’s with just a few San Diego area Cadillac and LaSalle aficionados. We all share the common bond to preserve and display our vehicles at various local venues. By being a part of our membership, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know others that have the same passion for our marque. Additionally, knowing of technical information, parts, and cars for sale, or purchase, are direct benefits each member can enjoy on a local, regional, and national level. All members are required to have a National Membership before being accepted into a regional level club. National Membership ensures that local regions can afford to participate in venues that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for insurance reasons.

Please visit our web site again as we grow and change. Your participation is a key ingredient for making and keeping the passion for our vintage Cadillacs and LaSalles in the San Diego area.

Whether your Cadillac / LaSalle is a show stopper, a daily driver, a work in progress, a new model or an SUV, we invite you to join our club.

Click on the links below to print or download membership applications to the National Cadillac and LaSalle Club and the local San Diego region of the Cadillac and Lasalle Club. It is mandatory to be a member of the National CLC before you can join the San Diego region.

Membership Application: Click Here
SDCLC Membership Form: Click Here

Omer “Jack” Brackx
SDCLC Director